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Safety is Our Top Priority—for Customers, Partners, and Employees

From our owners to apprentices safety is instilled into all our employees. We emphasize there is no job more important than the safety of our employees, customers, and partners. We take great pride in our employees’ safety, and always assure them our number one goal is they return to their families injury free every day.

New Employee Orientation

On day one, every new employee at A.W. Kuettel & Sons is required to complete safety orientation. They are provided training on all company safety policies, programs, and procedures. We take this opportunity to discuss the commitment every A.W. Kuettel employee has to our safety culture. We ask that they become a part of this and provide them with the tools to do so.

Jobsite Inspections

It is the practice of A.W. Kuettel & Sons to provide pre-construction safety meetings and weekly site inspections. The Safety Team inspects the site, looks for unforeseen hazards, corrects any OSHA violations, and performs safety talks with the employees and foreman on site. The Safety Team supplies a report to management for review, documentation, and compliance.

Safety Committee Meetings

A.W. Kuettel & Sons’ Safety Committee meets monthly. They discuss the Safety Team’s jobsite inspection reports, review any reported incidents, injuries or near misses, and discuss any safety concerns employees may have. The committee continues to discuss the ongoing need to push our safety culture to next level.